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Maureen's 2019 collection, Sotto Voce, Brick Books, London, Ont (104 pages, ISBN978- 1771315142)

Sotto Voce is the sound of one of Canada’s most accomplished poets writing at the height of her powers.” —Jim Johnstone

These poems are generous and assured, and the world they circumscribe is the urgent, beautiful, dangerous place where we all live. Read Sotto Voce. Maureen Hynes is a poet at the top of her game.” —Helen Humphreys



POISON COLOUR  The Poison Colour, Pedlar Press, St John's, NL (89 pages, ISBN978-1897141-71-7)

Rachel Rose comments, "Maureen Hynes writes like a painter paints -- with a vivid sensuality, attuned to the eye as well as the ear... A wise and humanistic scholar, she studies the flaws inherent in materials, be they stone or or wool or flesh, that makes them what they are, and through this lens, illuminates the absurdity of human hubris... Indeed, but these gorgeous poems, lush as van Gogh, detailed as the Dutch masters, offer up their own rich and nuanced redemption."


Marrow, Willow cover

Marrow, Willow, Pedlar Press, Toronto, Ont. 2011 (103 pages, ISBN 978-1-897141-39-7)

Marrow, Willow reviewed in The Malahat Review (Winter 2011) by M. Travis Lane:   "Hynes places her speaker/observer in a world that extends from galaxies to ions, from refugees and the victims of torture to the joys of a fortunate childhood, from sexual rapture to the distress of loss. Hynes’s perceptions and metaphors are never outré, but are often startling in their aptness and domesticity."

Both The Poison Colour and Marrow, Willow are available from Pedlar Press, or place an order with your independent bookseller.



Maureen is delighted to have two poems in the new In Fine Form, 2nd Edition: A Contemporary Look at Canadian Form Poetry, edited by Kate Braid and Sandy Shreve, Caitlin Press, 2016.








In 2013, Maureen had poems included in four anthologies:

And she's published an article in the Spring 2013 issue of the Writers' Union of Canada's journal, Write, on  Lorca's Granada Writers' Colloquium.

Harm’s Way, Brick Books, London, Ont, 2001 (92 pages; ISBN 1-894078-14-4)

Harm's Way reviewed by Robyn Sarah in The Globe and Mail (Mar 23, 2003): "... [an] expansive book, both in poetic style and range of subjects... Whatever the subject, it is never just an excuse for a poem; always the speaking voice relays genuine engagement."

Crystal Bacon in Antigonish Review: "There is nothing timid in these poems; they domesticate the grotesque, bringing it close for our examination."

Available from Brick Books,



Rough Skin, Wolsak and Wynn, Toronto, 1995. (90 pages; ISBN 780919 89745)

Winner of the League of Canadian Poets' Gerald Lampert Award.

Tamara Fairchild in Hook and Ladder:   "...contains some of the best poetry I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. Her use of language is elegant, like a puzzle or a problem solved in the fewest number of steps. Surefooted. Precise. The subject matter is frequently intensely personal, yet she knows how to place the reader squarely in the room with her..."

Out of print, but available from the author.






Letters from China, Women's Press, Toronto, 1981. (255 pages; ISBN 0-88961-071-1)

A very personal but historically significant non-fiction account of the author's teacher training experiences in Chengdu, Sichuan, People's Republic of China. The memoir takes place in 1981, just at the end of the Cultural Revolution, when there were only one or two other foreigners in a city of two million.

Out of print, but available from the author.





lina's book 2

we make the air: Poems by Lina Chartrand, co-edited with Ingrid MacDonald,  TLC Press, Toronto, 1999 (63 pages; ISBN 0-9684577)


Out of print, but available from the author.

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