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speak now

speak now into the metal mesh

jiggle the puzzle till the parts fall

to the floor, drag the presidents

out for a share of the pain, roll

the dice and scoop the children

out of their sandy shoreline

graves, every era sails

the coffin ships, how many can

the fiberglass boats hold before they

crack in two, mercy is failing,

the GPS is failing, speak now

-- From Sotto Voce, Brick Books 2019.


Mark Rothko
Untitled, 1952
Tempera on paper
101.9 x 68.7 cm
Collection Christopher Rothko

These are the elements that have sung me
through my life. A bar of blue, a bar of green, a field
of terracotta; two ochre squares and three red
brushstrokes, all on a surround of indigo. Template,

for example, for my childhood drawings – sky and
garden, roof and two windows on a house.
Roundness not yet necessary, no people yet,
no ponies or cats or turtles. Just something standing,

smudged and breathing. These were the shapes and colours
unfolding below me as my flight landed
in this country: ocean and mountain, reservoir and orchard,
a shopping mall and a drive-in. And closer still,

from my window tonight, the ultramarine sky
over the burnt grass meadow, a derelict house
with two waiting windows, the vineyards
beyond. But always, I reach out to touch

the two ochre columns, their edges blurring.
Maybe they are work and love, and they support
the dark blue dreaming, sometimes peaceful,
sometimes quickened by the three red lines.

(published in The Fiddlehead, No. 252, Summer 2012, and included in The Poison Colour, Pedlar Press, 2015.)

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